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Hi, Everyone! SO if you follow me on Insta you all know that my girls turned the BIG O-N-E back in September and this mama is just getting around to blogging about it. It wasn’t something we decided to do until literally the last min (better late than never, right?) we didn’t actually start planning until 2 weeks before it was super last min. BUT I am BEYOND grateful that my lil super creative sister (who just started an Etsy shop and Insta) came in and made the party oh so beautiful. Take a look at the pics I am sure you’ll feel the same. We stayed up all night had 3 hours of sleep and then BAM it was time to start preparing for the party. Let me tell you I am no party planner and planning this party just super confirmed that I cannot handle party planning well at all. So I just gave my sister the job of planning their birthday’s from now on… Thank you, Val! 😉

Ok, so here is what I decided on at the last min… We happened to already have unicorn costumes, so it was perfect they were going to dress up in those costumes take a pic and use it for the invites. Then use them again on Oct 31st… perfect, right? I get 2 uses out of them… and I say this b/c come on let’s be real here we all know babies grow out of things quickly so getting two uses out of their costumes was a win win. After the invites I knew I needed to jot down all that I wanted to do… but my brain went blank. Where do I start, what do I do… I had no idea. I’ve never planned a party before. Then my sister came to my rescue she sketched out how she imagined the party should look and it was perfect… from there I was able to gather all of the party supplies, decor, cake, sweets, party favors, pinata (it’s not a party without a pinata, right?), jumper (yes we had one) and the hubby was in charge of the food, drinks, and tables, which he did an awesome job on. It really is much easier when you have a vision or in my case a sketch of what the party will look like.

Crowns – (here) // High chair sign – (here) // Cakes (yes, 3 different cakes) – Unicorn cake (here), Smash cakes (here), Tiered Cake (here) // Baby Unicorn cookies – (here) // Unicorn pic – (here) this is my sister’s Esty page just send her a request. // Photo booth backdrop – (herethis is my sister’s Esty page just send her a request. // Photo booth sign – (herethis is my sister’s Esty page just send her a request. // Welcome to our 1st birthday – (herethis is my sister’s Esty page just send her a request. // Pink shaggy # 1 – (herethis is my sister’s Esty page just send her a request.

The party came together quite nicely and it was so nice to see family from up north and down south be here for their 1st birthday. It was also nice to have family come over early to help setup. My mom, sister, sister’s fiancé, Tia (Aunt) and lil cousin came to our rescue. The Tiered cake was a gift from the twins Tia and cousin and it was really cute. Thank you to all my family who made it out. It meant so much to us!

These girls are my heart, make me smile and make every not so good day a good day. So grateful to have been blessed with these two lil munchkins who are now ONE (well 14 months now). Happy 1st Birthday to our beautiful girls Penelope and Emma. Here are some pics from their 12-month photo shoot and their party I hope you enjoy them #PandEturnONE






Bye Bye, says Penelope.


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  1. Aww I love you so much!! Glad you loved it. You forgot to add the picture of the photobooth with the tasseled balloons…ah well. It took you this long to write. Ps- come January there will be items in my shop. Planning my wedding is stressful.

    Love my P&E!! 😘😘

  2. Hello,
    OH my god they are so beautiful so cute and I just love their vans its fit them so well.
    One year all ready.
    Congratulations for your 2 lil princesses.
    Barbara (bbyeuh on IG)

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