This past weekend it rained here in Cali and it happened to rain right when we were about to shoot. I was determined to get the pics b/c it’s hard enough to get out and shoot. Not sure that it was the best idea to be shooting in alleys on a rainy day, but my photographer AKA the hubs went along with it. I know he wasn’t too thrilled about it either, but we still did it. So thank you hubby for being a trooper and making me happy.

Being able to get out and shoot isn’t easy anymore I am a momma to 1-year-old twin girls, I work full-time from home and I’m a wife and yes I included this b/c it does require work. However, when your mind is set on something and you have a passion for it…you do it, right? If it makes you happy… you do it, right? It’s so important to make sure you do things that make you happy and to not let anyone get in the way of that.

I started this Instagram journey almost 3 years ago and it isn’t something I did or do full-time but it has grown to a point that I make sure to invest the time needed b/c it means a lot to me. When I do something I give it my all. This Instagram journey of mine has turned out to be my creative outlet and I do not regret one bit of it. I only wish I would’ve started sooner and wouldn’t have been so shy and so scared.

Is there anything you have always wanted to do and you finally did it? It’s a great feeling, right? So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you want to do it… DO IT! If they don’t support you it’s ok as it only makes you stronger. Surround yourself with others that have the same goals and encourage and lift you up. Keep your head high, keep pushing and don’t EVER give up.

Handbag: Prada Double Zip Lux Tote – Trendlee










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  1. Great outfit. So chic! Blogging is something that I was determined to do as well. I was definitely hesitant at first but so happy that I stuck with it. Keep it up babe! Xoxo

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