Who else is loving frilly dresses lately? Every summer I get the urge to wear dresses all summer long. If it’s not a dress it’s cutoff shorts. These two are my summer wardrobe staples. This summer I have been on the hunt for the perfect dresses and rompers since we are going to Hawaii, which will be our 1st family trip with the twins. If you have any toddler traveling tips, please leave a comment and let me know. I gotta say I am really nervous to take the twins on the plane b/c I don’t want to have to deal with a tantrum. If you have ways on how to control tantrums send them my way too.

Ok, so if you’re looking for cute, chic, inexpensive dresses SHEIN is where I normally find them. They seriously have the best-priced dresses and the quality is good too.

Here are the links to the two dresses I wore as well as images on how I styled them. Happy dress shopping ladies.

Floral dress (here)  // Striped dress (here) // Watch (here)




It’s important to start reading to your babies as early as the time they are in the womb. Through stories, children are exposed to many words which will help improve their vocabulary and their understanding. These are just a couple of reasons why it is important to start early.

Since the girls were little they have alway loved books and now that they are almost 2 they are actually starting to understand what is going on during the story. I teamed up with a unique book company that creates personalized books for children.  They print the books in English, Spanish, and four other languages. What I loved is that you create the main character to resembles the child. The child’s name also becomes the name of the main character which helps your child interact and brings the story to life. Penelope and Emma love all the colors and super cute characters they laugh and point as we read the story to them. Although they don’t know how to read yet the books are great b/c they will sit down and just flip through the pages with smiles and giggles.

Thank you Mumablue!

**You can receive a 10% discount using my code: SCHICB10 on their site Mumablue



I am that SHY GIRL the person who doesn’t like to be noticed or even be around many ppl let alone take a pic in front of random ppl in a busy city… It really makes my nerves crazy… So why am I a blogger if I can’t gather the nerve to do things like this?? Well, let me tell you why… I have come a very long way from my shy young self. If you’ve known me you know that I used to have bad social anxiety as a teenager growing up. I was a bag of nerves for every event/party, every gathering… basically for everything… I have worked hard to make this go away to overcome my fear of being around crowds. It wasn’t just strangers that made my nerves go crazy it was being around lots of ppl even if I knew them.

This is why I chose to start blogging not only to overcome my fear of putting myself out there but so that I could interact with other like minded ladies and now like minded mamas. I work in the fashion industry as my day job and blogging is also my creative outlet my way to express what I don’t typically get to do since I work behind the scenes. I may be shy but I do love being involved and even though I get nervous when in front of a crowd the feeling after is a pretty good feeling. So when I had to do those speeches for Speech Class in college I was beyond nervous but there’s something about being in front of a crowd that is so rewarding. I am still pretty shy but I can now say that I have come out of my shell a lot more than before. Crowds still make me nervous but I have learned to calm myself down. SO lesson here is… don’t be afraid!!! If you have a fear of something overcome it as hard as it may seem you can do it.

Here in these pics I did not want to get out and take these pics, but Gio (the hubs) pushed me to do it. The whole time I was walking behind him babbling to myself haha I was so upset with him b/c we were in the city (Downtown LA) and there are so many ppl around. BUT I did it and I am glad I did. In the beginning, I was a little embarrassed, but when you’re in the moment it doesn’t matter and you just forget about everyone around. Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way. YOU can do anything you set your heart and mind on so go DO IT.

Hat: Zara (here) // Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff (here) // Top: twenty (sold-out) // Bag: Zara (here) // Cuff: DW (here) //


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